And…we’re live! PLUS huge discounts!!

Here’s the link to the ebook on Amazon. It will be FREE on kindle select for 3 months, and THEN it will be available on any platform. The paperback version will be up soon.

But even better – for some reason Amazon is having a crazy amazing deal on all my paperbacks. Go grab any of my books for around $5!!! Here’s my author landing page to get you started: BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!


Secrets By The Sea

A new book! I know you’ve been waiting awhile to see what I would publish, and I’m sorry if you’re waiting for another ‘Dear Friend’ book or another fractured fairytale, but Hannah’s story just sort of spilled out. Check out the cover and the blurb below:

When Hannah’s parents die, she is sent to live with her grandmother. Hannah soon learns to keep her mouth shut and her opinions to herself; this is not the loving home she grew up in.

Soon, Hannah begins walking along the beach each morning, escaping for a few hours each day.

An infirm navy man next door provides the friendship she craves, and soon she has mere weeks before her twenty-first birthday, when she comes of age. Then, she will be free to leave her guardian and make her own way.

Except, Hannah was told there was no will, and that her parents left her penniless. But if that’s true, then why is there a locked cabinet in Grandmother’s study? And why did Grandmother suddenly stop wanting to marry her off?

When it is discovered that Hannah does have an inheritance, it seems her future is set. Even better, it seems that there is a young man or two willing to share it with her.

Meanwhile, other truths come out – long lost loves and new ones, friendships and betrayals. Suddenly, there are too many choices to make, and too little time to make them.

Update and Cover Reveal!

Hi everyone – here’s the latest and greatest from my end:

There’s a new cover for Red As Blood, Black As Night – I feel like it represents the innards a little better. Check out the ebook to see what I mean.

I’m in final edits for a book called A Spoonful Of Sugar – a paranormal fantasy romance that’s both clean and hilarious. I’m estimating some time in September/October, and I’ll post an update for that here. Meanwhile, the cover is darling, and is by Victoria Cooper Art:

Meanwhile I’m making Joanne Chang’s kouign amann, which is my favorite recipe for that, plus having a bbq tonight.
If you’re still here, write a comment, let me know your updates!

The Advertised Affair now available!

The Advertised Affair is a novella (30,000+ words) in the Dear Friend series. It’s standalone, and available as an ebook (or free on kdp!)

Here’s the summary:

A decidedly odd series of advertisements appear in the personals during the London season. Discretion is paramount for reputations, but some things are obvious – people are meeting, often at midnight, and they are attending the highest level of society’s gatherings.

Sarah Avery knows what they all mean, because she is one half of the intriguing missives. To her blushes, she even does meet when asked. In a pitch-black cloak room, which is not at all appropriate. In fact, she doesn’t actually know who it is she’s writing!

Could it be Lord Shelmont, the devastatingly handsome man who has (gasp) asked her to dance twice? It couldn’t possibly be Lord Smithers, the aged sometimes caller she has no wish to know better. And it definitely couldn’t be Lord Pincepot or Mr. Mattingly, both of whom maligned her looks in public.

Perhaps it’s a young man she’s never met before, a young man who even now begs her to meet him at each event they both attend?

It’s a mystery that needs solving – if she dares.

Cover Reveal: Red As Blood, Black As Night

Isn’t it gorgeous?! Publication is soon – I promise to give you a heads up, and possibly an option for a pre-order. It’ll be free on KDP for 3 months, and priced at $3.99 for the ebook. Paperback will be published a few days after.
And BONUS – this comes with a FREE short story, The Matchmaker’s Lie. Remember the matchmaker from The Unbreakable Curse? I wrote her a story, and I think you’ll love it! I have an old draft in downloads, but this one is new and improved.
Comment if you plan on reading Red Is Blood, Black As Night ASAP!
Cover Design: Victoria Cooper art (Google her, she’s on Facebook and some design sites and is fantastic.)

Free Short Story for download!

With all the quarantine requirements, I thought we could all use some fun freebies. That’s why I’m releasing my 50-page short story, The Matchmaker’s Lie, EARLY here on my blog. It’s supposed to be a bonus story to go with Red As Blood, Black As Night, which is due to be released this spring. (It’s based on the Matchmaker from The Unbreakable Curse, but you don’t have to have read any of my books, it’s a standalone.) You lucky ducks get a chance to read it a few weeks early and for free!

Just a forewarning: There will be one final edit before I release it officially on Amazon, so there might be a couple (minor) changes when that  happens. Please be respectful of copyright, but also please do spread the word and let others know about this.

Happy and Safe March to you all!

Download the pdf The Matchmaker’s Lie.

(Please email/contact me if the links don’t work or if you have any other questions!)