The Search For Miss S – now available!


The Search For Miss S is now available as an ebook for 99 cents! This is a stand-alone novella in the Dear Friend series.

Paperback copies will be available next week – I’ll do a post here.

Free Short Story now added!

Sam and the Lilacs is a silly little romantic comedy written for fun. Whenever I get ideas, I write them down, and sometimes they only end up being 10 pages long. Then I share them with you for free, because why not?

Feel free to download from the link above or through the downloads page.

Happy Valentine’s – free short story to download!

The Clumsy Princess

If you’re here for the latest free short story, head to my Downloads page to grab the PDF. It’s a short 2-minute silly little tale which is also kid-friendly. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy February! It’s cold for some of us, but thankfully there’s a holiday (of sorts) to break it up. Honestly not a great holiday, but I’ve made it better by adding in a kid element. I know, sounds awful. Actually it’s really fun. We have a ‘manners dinner’ and I serve really awesome food (think shrimp platters and homemade decadent desserts…) and the valentines handed out are pretty cool if I do say so.

What do you do for Valentine’s Day?

RELEASED! A Crafted Courtship ebook, 1/2/2019

A Crafted Courtship (Dear Friend, Book 2) is out TODAY!

The ebook of the second in the Dear Friend series was released TODAY on Amazon. For only $2.99 you can see what happens next to some of your favorite characters and some fun new ones too!

Six years after a tragic accident, Sally Fancot’s greatest wish is to escape her overly protective parents.
An invitation to a double wedding at Holcombe Manor suddenly prompts her controlling parents to realize her marriageable years have all but passed.  In an effort to see their daughter settled, they remind Sally of her promise to accept the first eligible man who offers.
However, Sally finds herself regretting that promise when pursued by the frightening Lord Piedmont, while simultaneously being ruffled by another guest that looks annoyingly like a Greek god, with the arrogance to match.
When an anonymous correspondence begins by chance, Sally finds unexpected feelings for her new unknown friend filling her daily thoughts, and slowly her confidence begins to build. Could she thwart everyone’s plans for her and ever dare to make her own?

Buy the book on Amazon!

Cyber Deals on my books THIS WEEK!

For TWO DAYS ONLY, you can get BOTH of my books at 99 cents each. What a steal! This is the only Christmas special I’m doing through the rest of this year, so now’s the time to grab them!

Starting TODAY at 8:00 AM PST, you should be able to get them on Amazon for 99 cents each. (11/28 – 11/30) It ends in exactly 48 hours, so hurry on over! Here are the links (click on the picture!):

The Objectification of Women

If you’re reading this because you think I’m going to rant about how women are patronized and under-estimated because of their sex, this isn’t the post for you. If you’re reading this because you think when I say objectify that I’m getting mad for a guy thinking of a woman as only an object (which is technically the definition), then this actually isn’t the post for you either.

I’m writing this post because I believe that feminism has strayed so far off the path, that now women objectify women in their attempt for equal rights.
Confused? Wait – here’s a picture:


Apparently this magazine is qualified to decide who the most successful women are. Check out that little digital sticker with the exciting, “Who’s #1?”

So, I’m supposed to read the article where you tell me how Reese Witherspoon is successful, a slap-you-in-the-face reminder that I don’t make millions each year, that I don’t have anything near a McMansion, and I will never in my wildest dreams be that gorgeous.

Still with me?

Oprah, who’s notoriety is international beyond belief, has an article on being a great leader. Sara Blakely, who invented Spanx, allowing women to all squeeze themselves like sausages into undergarments so that we could all look like the ‘ideal’ woman, tells you how to balance career and family, while Donna Karan, the wealthy fashion icon, tells you how to land your dream job.

Notice anything?

There’s no article on the woman that decided her dream was to be a Kindergarten teacher. There’s no article on the woman that decided she wants to know how to cook. From scratch – yeah, without directions on the back of a box. There’s no article about the woman that – heaven forbid – decided her dream was to stay home and raise her children, giving up her career in the process.

Instead we are given ‘ideals’ to measure ourselves against. How can we possibly be ok with who we are when we’re told success is measured by the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Oprah? And who decided the media was forefront in measuring success?

Because guess what? I’ll let you in on a secret. They don’t know.

YOU get to decide whether you’re successful. You, whether you’re sitting there in your high-powered suit telling corporate how to run this business, or whether you’re wearing yoga pants and rangling toddlers. You.

So you say, sure, Jenna, you’re right. I get to pick whether I’m successful, and I’m not going to compare myself to what the media thinks is successful. (This may involve taking a haitus from social media and your magazine subscriptions.) But, what is success?

I don’t know.

All I can tell you is that when my husband kisses me and I know that everything between us is ok, then I feel successful. That when my children are happy to see me and want to tell me all about their day, I feel successful. That when a friend confides in me or I finish a project that I know I gave 100% on, I feel successful.

But it goes even further. When I comfort a friend, or manage to help someone in need, I feel successful. When I decide not to take offense, and replace anger with empathy, I feel successful.

Because when it comes down to it, you decide how successful you are. You decide what your life means.

And you – you are enough.

Book Review: Once Upon a Time from the Perspective of an Innocent Bystander, by Cynthia Breheny

Once upon a Time from the Perspective of an Innocent Bystander by Cynthia Breheny

This is a cute Lloyd Alexander-esk style fantasy book where characters are interesting, magic comes in unlikely places, and story will wind you around into an absorbing new world.

The only thing I wished about this book is that some scenes had been slashed. I would have liked the story to start with more of a -umph- rather than an introduction to characters.

And lastly – I love the cover. It’s perfect for its audience, which I believe would be best suited to upper middle grade and higher.

You can find Cynthia here on Goodreads.