Free Short Story for download!

With all the quarantine requirements, I thought we could all use some fun freebies. That’s why I’m releasing my 50-page short story, The Matchmaker’s Lie, EARLY here on my blog. It’s supposed to be a bonus story to go with Red As Blood, Black As Night, which is due to be released this spring. (It’s based on the Matchmaker from The Unbreakable Curse, but you don’t have to have read any of my books, it’s a standalone.) You lucky ducks get a chance to read it a few weeks early and for free!

Just a forewarning: There will be one final edit before I release it officially on Amazon, so there might be a couple (minor) changes when that  happens. Please be respectful of copyright, but also please do spread the word and let others know about this.

Happy and Safe March to you all!

Download the pdf The Matchmaker’s Lie.

(Please email/contact me if the links don’t work or if you have any other questions!)


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